News and Events

Annual Schedule of Events and meetings

  1. The Low Country Deacons Alliance will meet monthly on 2nd Monday at 6:30 pm. Location may be ascertained by calling Deacon Odis W. Williams at (843) 469-8595 or Email
  2. 1st Bi-Annual Seafood Festival on 4th Saturday in April. Contact Deacon Freddie Brisbane for time, location and other information (843)991-0158 or Email, him at
  3. NBDC Mid-Session 3rd-Weekend March (Thursday-Saturday) Contact Deacon Daniel Hoskins at (843) 412-5813. Email:
  4. Annual Pastors a d Deacon Fellowship Breakfast.4th Saturday in September for further information contact Deaconess Barbara McFadden at (843) 364-3567 or 875-4266.
  5. Hat & Fashion Show 2nd-Saturday of May. Contact Deaconess Barbara McFadden at (843) 364-3567 or Email
  6. NBDC Annual Conference 3rd Week of July (Full week)
  7. 2nd Bi Annual Seafood Festival on 2nd -Saturday of October. 14 Oct 2017.Contact Deacon Freddie Brisbane for time, location, and other details (843) 991-0158 or Email
  8. Annual RJ Washington Golf Classic 10 Nov 2018, Wrenwoods Golf Course Joint Base Charleston. Contact Deacon Odis w Williams for time and other details (843) 212 5334 or 469-8595 Email
  9. Annual LCDA Banquet 2nd Saturday in December. Contact Deacon Herbert Bodison at (843) 324-2894 for time and others details.


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