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Psalm 42:8Low Country Deacons Alliance, Inc.& Its Auxiliaries (LCDA) is a body of Christian laity which began in 2004 to serve local churches and the Lowcountry Community.  We endeavor for the enrichment of church laity via fellowship, education, and missionary work.  We are an affiliate of The National Baptist Deacons Convention of America & its Auxiliaries.

The LCDA is a 501 C (3) nonprofit organization. We welcome your membership and support of our mission and objectives in the Tri-County area. The Lowcountry Deacons Alliance, Inc. and its Auxiliaries participates with The Benefit Bank of South Carolina (TBB) Network to help secure funds and services for individuals and families working to overcome poverty and to build long-term financial stability. Several members of the LCDA have completed TBB Counselor training and are available to assist church members and community residents. Donations to the LCDA are tax deductible.

“You may deduct charitable contributions of money or property made to qualified organizations if you itemize your deductions.” (IRS Publication 78)



To organize systems and services that will remove human conditions brought on by oppression. To return dignity, integrity, respect as a people, and personal self esteem, by focusing on, spiritual comprehension, all levels and degrees of education, healthy living, prosperity as a people and personally, and the spreading of agape love at home and abroad.


  1. Assist in implementing the vision of each church as outlined by its pastor.
  2. Facilitate the provision of services and support needed by individual members of local churches and the community.
  3. Facilitate the development of ministries that serve the sustenance needs of local church members and the community.
  4. By personal and organizational example, let Christ be seen in action through Alliance member's lifestyle.

Current Program Features

All Low Country Deacons Alliance & its Auxiliaries (LCDA) efforts would be kept locally for Berkeley, Dorchester and parts of Charleston Counties.

1. The following activities will be pursued as funds are available:

  1. An Award of Excellence scholarship will be established for high school graduates based on competition among youth that attend one of the LCDA churches. Three awards will be given as follows: First place $1,000, second place $600 and third place $400. These awards will be continued for four years pending the recipients meeting set requirements and the availability of funds.
  2. The LCDA will provide funds annually to pursue collaborative health initiatives for the community and LCDA member churches.
  3. Charitable awards will be provided annually to the following agencies: Inpatient Drug Center, the Women's Recovery- Program, the Crisis Homeless Shelter, the LCDA Big Brothers, the New Ashley Baptist Association, and the National Baptist Deacons' Convention of America Inc. & Its Auxiliaries.
  4. Investments will be established by the LCDA to build future funding resources, pending the availability of funds.

2. Fund Raising activities to support these efforts will be as follows:

  1. Semiannual special events: i.e. Oyster Roasts, Crab Cracks, Seafood Fests et al.
  2. Annual Hat & Fashion Show
  3. Annual Gospel Concert
  4. Grant Development
  5. Encourage tax deductible donations


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