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Deacon Welcome to the Low Country Deacons Alliance, Inc. & Its Auxiliaries web site. We envision our web site as a tool to assist those called into the Ministry of Deacons with information to aid their ministry as deacons. In addition we hope to assist individuals and community organizations in attaining various types of supports in areas of sustenance assistance such as scholarships for higher education, opportunities to explore the Word of God, methods of improving the quality of family life, outlets for exposing youth of all ages to the wonders of a quality life in the US, and developing greater insight into managing paths of personal growth.

We invite your input and involvement in this effort. We are open to all. Contact us at ow0365667@gmail.com  or write us at P.O. Box 41172 Charleston, SC 29423-1172.

Deacon Odis W. Williams






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